Building & Construction

Build on our expertise.

Have the floor, and anything else tailored to you

  • Custom Compounds

    Over 70 + years in the industry engineering polyolefin compounds, tailored to each application.

  • Sustainable Solutions

    Reduce your product's carbon footprint with various product strategies such as light-weighting, recycled fillers, and recycled polymers.

  • Color Concentrates

    Maintain colorfastness and physical properties with unique colors, color effects, usage rates, and pellet sizes created for your application.

  • Additive Masterbatches

    Increase efficiency in your workflow with UV and glass reinforcement added at the start. It's part of getting you safer handling of materials, faster changeovers, and improved product consistency as well as process stability.

Building and Construction Segments


We keep your home and office safe from the elements, and looking good.

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Windows and Doors

Reliable color and durability every time you enter your home.

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Theater and Stadium Seating

Durability in any color you can imagine. Next time you're at a game, you may be being supported by our compounds.

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Water Management

Minimize property damage and maximize beneficial use of water with customized compounds.

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Make your product sustainable

Integrate multiple sustainable strategies into your product. 

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