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Theater and Stadium Seating

With years of experience formulating customized polypropylene formulations for theater and stadium seating, our products deliver durability for decades. 

Whether it's listening to your local symphony, or hoping for a foul ball, we have solutions suitable to make your experience more comfortable and colorful.

Designed to weather the harshest elements, our technologies are durable and offer long-term benefits. No matter the conditions, our weather-resistant technology can protect against intense exposure to UV rays and temperatures as well as prevent color fading and degradation.

Many of our compounds are in leading sports stadium seating today. We also strive to enhance your sustainability commitments, and we will tailor our product offerings to best fit your sustainability goals.



Our years of experience in developing outdoor stadium seats can provide you with years and years of low-maintenance service.


Designed with the venue in mind to maximize comfort and longevity.


For all ages of spectators, our formulations can accommodate gymnasiums for educational institutions.


The end product can act like wood, but have the durability and longevity of plastic. With benefits such as recycled polymers, your bleacher's impact can be beyond the stands.

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