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Our extensive customer portfolio of high-quality solutions and technologies can help meet your roofing requirements. 

Whether it's a low-slope TPO roof for your warehouse or factory, or a light weight synthetic slate tile, we have the technology.

Designed to weather the harshest elements, our technologies are durable and offer long-term benefits. No matter the conditions, our weather-resistant technology can protect against intense exposure to UV rays and temperatures as well as prevent color fading and degradation. We also strive to enhance your sustainability commitments, and we will tailor our product offerings to best fit your sustainability goals. 

Our Typical Applications Include

Tile Roofing

Create natural effects that mimic slate and clay material that last for years. We have experience in developing roof tiles for residential applications that are not only lightweight and more durable than natural slate but can be your desired color with our weather-resistant technology to prevent color fading and degradation.

Ridge Vents

Get reliable material for ridge vents. They allow for optimized attic ventilation and are formulated with a toughness that makes them resistant to job site drops and different methods of installation. 

TPO roofing membrane

Knowing that your TPO membrane has the proper stabilization package is critical to ensure that it survives the warranty. It's also critical to ensure that you get water-tight seams. 

Roofing Accessories

Protect the corners of your low-slope roof, as well as pipes and vents with compounds that will match your roof's longevity and color. We can tailor flow properties to your process.

Explore Sustainable Materials

Key Benefits

Our customers have access to our capabilities

Analytical Testing

The Analytical Testing Laboratory primarily performs research and development testing, as well as analysis testing to resolve material-related issues. The most common tests include material composition, base resin identification, additive analysis, weatherability, and characterization of the thermal and dynamic properties of a material. All testing is performed according to the specified ASTM, ISO or other standard test method.

Weatherability Test

We can meet specific ASTM or UL approvals and requirements.

Our Technology

Sustainable Content for Roofing

The Challenge

Develop a synthetic roofing tile that would result in using less virgin plastic, while not reducing the durability of the product.

With the multitude of sustainable product strategies we offer, the product could not only have circular content, but also reduce the emissions of this specific product by its processibility.

The Result

A durable, long-lasting slate replacement tile made with recycled content.


Roofing and Building Producer


Synthetic slate roofing tiles


A durable, long-lasting roofing product with recycled content.



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