Durable and Circular

Industrial Packaging

Our Industrial packaging solutions can help to protect products from damage during transportation and storage. 

Your deliveries will stay safe throughout their journey, keeping your stored goods securely contained and well protected.

Our typical applications Include:


Returnable Crates

Shipping Tube End Caps

Their Market Development Engineer helped bring our vision, of the final product, to life.

Key Benefits

Multi-use, Heavy Duty Packaging

The Challenge

Develop a sustainable, lightweight, durable, and degradation-resistant compound that could be used in reusable transport packaging such as collapsible crates, totes, boxes, and bins.

The Result

A reusable, collapsible plastic container was produced.

the customer

Global packaging OEM

the application

Plastic transport packaging

the process

A polyolefin compound was developed to withstand exceptional impact resistance and degradation.


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