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At Washington Penn, our goals are bigger than creating custom compounds. We're doing our part to make the world better by providing our customers and consumers with exceptional products they use every day. This mission starts with our passionate and skilled employees, bringing their valuable skillsets together to shape what's next in any industry. Our success starts with collaborative teams. See why military and veterans choose to work for Washington Penn.

Our Veterans make our team!

We're commited to a simple and effective hiring process. Whether you've just left the military or are taking the next step in your career, Washington Penn hires United States military and veterans to strengthen our talented workforce.

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Our Employee Assistance Program is a free resource for veterans and military struggling with the transition to civilian life, navigating the new organizational structure, or looking for additional support. 

The military and veteran community at Audia spans across all departments and at every level of the company. Our employees are always willing to help in any way they can, just ask. After all, this is the Audia Way. 

Continual personal development is fully supported by Audia. If you want additional training, we'll help pay.

Your military skill set is only the beginning at Washington Penn. You’ll find that your experiences can be applied to numerous roles. We also recognize that you have skills that make you competitive for career opportunities outside of your military expertise. Look at our careers that capture your interest, then review the basic qualifications to see if you meet the minimum requirements for that role. If you do, apply!

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More Audia Veteran Testimonials

Jay Greenwell - Global Director of Controls and Integration

I was fortunate to achieve the highest possible rank in Enlisted service. I am absolutely confident that I could not have done this had I been employed with any number of other civilian companies. I thank Audia for their support of my military career, their support for my family while I was deployed, and for their support of all other Veterans that they employ.

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Bill Kampf - Account Manager

In the military, you are given a mission to execute within a set of parameters and timelines. At Audia, it is no different, whether on the production floor during a shift, working through a quality challenge, or closing business at a customer; the same principles exist. Yes, it is a completely different organization and environment, but the atmosphere, daily challenges, problem-solving, and team interactions are the same.

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