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Hydrate 2 Operate: 100 Days of Summer at the Audia® Group of Companies

Across the Audia® companies, our values consist of four main pillars – Ethics, Safety & Wellness, Quality, and Sustainability. Together, these pillars make up The Audia® Way. This summer we are highlighting our value of Safety & Wellness, an important aspect of how we operate our companies and provide a working environment where the safety of our employees and visitors is steadfastly protected.

The hot summer days are coming, so it’s imperative to make sure our hardworking manufacturing employees stay cool and hydrated. That’s why we’re kicking off the 100 days of Summer – Hydrate 2 Operate. Throughout the summer, our employees will receive training about Heat-related illnesses, will have access to events encouraging hydration, and can stay up-to-date with helpful tips and recommendations to help prevent heat exhaustion.

With sustainability as another crucial value of The Audia® Way, each employee will be given a water bottle to reduce the usage of single-use plastic water bottles and improve our landfill avoidance efforts. We are actively engaged in measuring and reducing our carbon footprint in our operations. T-shirts made with breathable fabric will also be distributed to help keep bodies at an optimal temperature. After all, our employees’ Safety & Wellness is essential.

We’re looking forward to our Hydrate 2 Operate endeavors. Stay tuned for more information by following us on Linkedin or Facebook. You’ll see on our social channels how our employees are staying cool and hydrated this summer.