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Our Earth Month Impact 2023

As part of April’s Earth Month and Earth Day, Washington Penn employees from our plant facilities and corporate headquarters joined together on Friday, April 21st for a day of community service. People were split into various teams to help clean up trash from the roadside all the way to the creek bed outside of our Washington Penn VBAT division.  

In addition, as part of Audia’s Safety Way, the logistics team made sure all volunteers had access to personal protective equipment including safety vests, goggles, gloves, and bug spray as well as food and cold beverages.    

Huge thanks to our great team of volunteers for living up to Audia’s sustainability commitment and helping to make the world cleaner, safer, and better. Our continual environmental clean-up efforts are part of Audia’s path to carbon neutrality. It takes all of our people working together to protect our planet, helping us build a better world. We look forward to serving our local communities with future environmental projects.    

Employees from left to right: Will Graziani, Rob White, Ashley Mellon, Cathy Colberg, Jonathan Stiffy, Corrie Chan, Dustin Fuller, Andrew Yaeger, Bryan Forrest, Chris Miller, Jessica Smith, Alesha Johnson, Greg Burns, Mayur Sharma, Kara Mastrorocco, Adam Miloser, Katelyn Hrubetz, Antonio Sedan, Stacey Lucas, Jonathan Campbell, Eileen Laabs, Erika Yarkosky, Derik Moore, Brett McKendry, Bart Dingfelder, Laura Brownlee, Ryan Lawrence, Michael Orsino, Joe Balog. (Not shown: Abby Kuehne)