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A manufacturing career can be rewarding with the right training and opportunities. The manufacturing industry is in high demand and can offer stability, especially since the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that employment within the manufacturing industry has remained steady. It's worth considering if you are looking for a fulfilling career.

The manufacturing industry presents exciting opportunities for those seeking unique career advancements as well as personal and professional development. At Washington Penn, each of our employee's career paths is different, with some starting on the manufacturing floor and advancing into corporate positions, while others transition into technical or operational management roles. It's essential for our employees to have a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of the organization, allowing them to apply the skills gained from previous roles to their current position.

Manufacturing is an excellent place to start building a career. And one of the best things about it is that you don't necessarily need a college degree to get started*. With on-the-job training and support from mentors and trainers, you can learn all the necessary skills and build up your resume. Plus, you'll develop valuable transferable skills like time management, teamwork, and problem-solving, which will be useful in any role you choose.

Washington Penn is an amazing workplace, and we're always looking for new talent to join our team. Why not apply today and experience it for yourself? You may be surprised at the opportunities that await you.


*This applies to some positions in our manufacturing plants. 

You will never know it all; things are always changing.

Potential Career Paths

We know everyone is unique. That's why there are limitless career paths Washington Penn employees can take. This is an example.

Make a difference.

One of the most fulfilling aspects of working at Washington Penn is that every plastic product and application consumers use daily starts with a pellet. Our employees are able to contribute to creating end products that are used in industries like automotive, building and construction, appliance, packaging, consumer, and more.  

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Life at Washington Penn

As a family-owned company, our people are part of the team. Each and everyone of us fosters an environment filled with support, collaboration, loyalty, integrity, and so much more. We listen, understand, and cheer for one another. As we expand through global growth and become more diverse, it’s also important for us to flourish together and accept new challenges. After all, we’re family.

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Military and Veterans

The military and veteran community at Audia spans all departments and at every level of the company. All Audia companies are committed to a simple and effective hiring process. Whether you've just left the military or are taking the next step in your career, Audia hires United States military and veterans to strengthen our talented workforce. See how we can support your career transition.

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People Behind the Pellets

Our talented employees strive everyday to help our customers achieve the impossible and create products consumers love to use. No matter their career level, our people are essential to our success.

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